Project Tab


Transfer session

Selected transfer session from the Remote transfer sessions setup window


Local starting directory

Root path of all files and subfolders of the project.


Corresponds to directory on Remote Server

Under what remote path should the project be published


Files not in starting directory

If you add files outside of the starting directory, whether to add them under the "non-published" node. This is purely cosmetic.


Default layout

Layout loaded when loading the project. Select "none" for no modification each time the project is opened.


Settings Tab


Override "settings" and "server" tab options

If selected, all options from the "settings" and "server" tabs will be enabled, and will override corresponding main options.


Run with Server - Host URL

Http address that will be called when the option "Run with Server" is set in the "Server" menu.


Default directories

When opening and saving files, the default folder of the dialog.



Search path for modules used by code explorer. Read more about how optiperl finds modules.


Parse Lib from project files

Parse all "use Lib (...)" from the project's files. Read more about how optiperl finds modules.


Server Tab - Internal Server


Internal Server Root Path

The root folder of the internal server. If enabled, the file being run must reside in this folder or a subfolder.



When the internal server is enabled, and you run a script while listening for a remote debugger, the internal server can run the script adding first in it's environment the setting needed to invoke the debugger. Change this only if you know what you are doing!


Server Tab - External Server


Access - Error Log

The access and Error log file of the external server.


Document Root

The document root path of the external server. This is usually the path that contains the html documents of the site, like htdocs or public_html


Data Tab


Data fields used for the %data0%..%data9% tags in user tools. Read more about user tools.



Read more about projects in "Working with projects".


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