You can print your perl code, previewing it first with all the syntax, box and line coding from menu File / Print preview. From this dialog you can also select a range of lines to print. In the preview window, left or right clicking on the image will zoom and unzoom.


icon_exclaim More options for printing can be found in Options dialog / Printing


Before printing a large document with box and line coding, try printing a page first. You might get unexpected results depending on:


  • The printers DPI
  • Whether the colors will be converted to gray scale or black.


Patterns in boxes are made with a pixel width of one. On the screen this may seem fine, but on a printer with a DPI lower that 300 the scaling might make the lines disappear or create an unappealing pattern. This is why the option "Convert all patterns to solid" exists.


The same problem might exist with very thin line coding. You may specify an override value for all lines from "Override line widths with x"


icon_exclaim Important: If you have enabled box coding (in the printer options) and some of the text in the output is not printed, then select "compability mode". Deselect it however for a small improvement in the boxes printed.


icon_idea You can also export a page to a .bmp file. Select the button "Export page" from the page preview dialog. The size of the picture will depend on the current zoom of the preview.


icon_cool To create a nice windows desktop, find your favorite perl code and select "export". Scale if necessary with imaging software.




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