Page margin when printing.


Scale font to fit x lines per page

How many lines per page to print. This affects the font size used.



Font used when printing


Syntax coding

Enable syntax highlighting when printing (overrides setting on Syntax Coding page).


Print line coding

Print line coding (overrides setting in Line Coding page).


Print box coding

Print box coding (overrides setting in Box Coding page).


Convert all patterns to solid

Override background patterns you have selected in box and line coding to a solid coloring. This may be necessary when printing at a low DPI or draft.


Override line widths with x

Override the settings you have for line widths with another setting. 1 or 2 pixel line widths may not show up well when printing, so you may need to select this setting and enter a larger number here.


Compatible mode

If you have enabled "Print box coding" and some of the text is not printed on paper, then select this option. Deselect it for a small improvement in the boxes printed.



Read more about Printing.


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