Pod extractor enables you to view POD files, or embedded pod information in a script. When selecting Pod Extractor, the window is opened with the filename of the script you are editing to be opened. Press "Extract" or select first a different file by pressing the Open File button.


OptiPerl has the only internet browser with a find dialog that supports regular expressions icon_cool. To invoke the dialog, press "Ctrl-F"


Another useful feature is creating a list of all files in your perl directory that contain pod information. Select "Files" and then enter a folder to search in. Recommended is \perl or \perl\lib. This will list all the files in the combo box permanently so you can select them easily. You can refine the search any time later by pressing "Files" again.


Pod extractor can also be invoked by right clicking on a used or required module in Code explorer.


icon_idea You can change the style sheet of the output by modifying the file "Pod2Html.css"



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