Bookmarks Category


Toggle Bookmark 0..9  (Shift+Ctrl+0..9)

Description: Toggles bookmark 0..9


Go to Bookmark 0..9  (Ctrl+0..9)

Description: Goes to bookmark 0..9


Go to Global Bookmark 0..9  (Ctrl+Alt+0..9)

Description: Goes to global bookmark 0..9




Browser Category


Forward  (Ctrl+])

Description: Web browser next page


Back  (Ctrl+[)

Description: Web browser previous page


Refresh  (Shift+Ctrl+R)

Description: Refresh page


Stop  (Shift+Ctrl+S)

Description: Stop loading


Halt Browser  (Shift+Ctrl+H)

Description: Stop browser, release resources and delete all instances of perl in memory


Go to URL  (Ctrl+U)

Description: Go to selected URL


Go to URL with Query

Description: Go to selected URL using options in query editor


Spy HTTP Proxy

Description: Enable spy HTTP Proxy


Internet Options

Description: Windows internet options


Show Browser  (Ctrl+F12)

Description: Show browser


Maximize Web browser  (F12)

Description: Increases the size of the browser window


Next Tab  (Shift+F12)

Description: Selects next page in web browser window




Debug Category


Start Debugger  (F6)

Description: Start debugger


Stop Debugger  (Ctrl+F6)

Description: Stop debugger


Restart Debugger  (Shift+F6)

Description: Restart debugger


Listen for Remote Debugger

Description: Listen for remote debugger


Redirect Input & Output

Description: Enable redirection of STDIN && STDOUT of remote script


Set-up & information...

Description: Information and tools to help set-up remote debugging


Single Step  (F7)

Description: Single step


Step Over  (F8)

Description: Step over


Return from Subroutine  (Shift+F4)

Description: Return from subroutine


Continue Script  (F4)

Description: Continue execution of script


List Subroutine Names  (Shift+Ctrl+F4)

Description: List subroutines


List Variables in Package  (Shift+Ctrl+F5)

Description: List variables in package


Methods Callable  (Shift+Ctrl+F6)

Description: Methods callable


Evaluate Expression  (Shift+Ctrl+F7)

Description: Window to evaluate expressions


Call Stack  (Shift+Ctrl+F8)

Description: Call stack


Add/Remove Breakpoint  (Ctrl+F8)

Description: Toggle breakpoint at cursor


Breakpoint Condition

Description: Expression that must evaluate to true for the breakpoint to stop the execution of the script


Watches  (Ctrl+F7)

Description: Shows watch list window


Live Evaluation  (Shift+Ctrl+V)

Description: Auto evaluation enabled


Add to Watches

Description: Add statement to watches




Edit Category


Undo  (Ctrl+Z)

Description: Undo last edit


Redo  (Ctrl+Y)

Description: Redo last edit


Cut  (Ctrl+X)

Description: Cut selected text


Copy  (Ctrl+C)

Description: Copy selected text


Paste  (Ctrl+V)

Description: Pastes text from clipboard



Description: Delete selected text


Select All  (Ctrl+A)

Description: Select all


Comment In

Description: Comment in block


Comment Out

Description: Comment out block



Description: Toggle comments in block


Show Templates  (Ctrl+J)

Description: Show templates


Edit Templates...

Description: Edit templates


To-Do List  (Shift+Ctrl+T)

Description: Shows to-do list window


New Edit Window

Description: Open another editor window


Synchronized Scrolling

Description: Synchronize scrolling between editor windows


Show Editor  (Ctrl+F11)

Description: Show editor


Make Editor Big  (F11)

Description: Increases the size of the editor window



Description: Select first text style



Description: Select second text style


Perl nerd

Description: Select third text style



Description: Select fourth text style



Description: Select fifth text style




Editing Category


Indent Block  (Ctrl+=)

Description: Increase block indent


Outdent Block  (Ctrl+-)

Description: Decrease block indent


Delete Character Left

Description: Delete character left of cursor


Delete Character Right

Description: Delete character right of cursor


Delete Character Right VI Style

Description: Delete character right of cursor (VI style)


Delete Word Left

Description: Delete word left of cursor


Delete Word Right

Description: Delete word right of cursor


Delete Whole Line

Description: Delete whole line under cursor


Delete Line Break

Description: Delete line break (VI style)


Insert New Line

Description: Insert new line under cursor (VI style)


Duplicate Line

Description: Duplicate line


Select Line

Description: Select line under cursor


Delete to EOL

Description: Delete from cursor position to end of line


Delete to Beginning

Description: Delete from cursor position to beginning of line


Delete word

Description: Delete word under cursor


Block Style Selection

Description: Toggles between normal and block selection style




File Category


Open Remote File...

Description: Open remote file


Open Cached Remote File...

Description: Open a file that has been saved in the cache from a past remote session


Save Remote File

Description: Save remote file


Save to Location...

Description: Save remote file in another FTP session



Description: Print document



Description: Exits OptiPerl


New Script  (Ctrl+N)

Description: Creates a new perl script


New Html  (Shift+Ctrl+N)

Description: New html document


Choose From Templates...

Description: Creates a new file by selecting a template


Open...  (Ctrl+O)

Description: Open an existing file


Save  (Ctrl+S)

Description: Save active file in editor


Save As...  (Shift+Ctrl+A)

Description: Save active file in editor with a new name


Save All  (Shift+F2)

Description: Saves all open files



Description: Reloads selected file


Reset All Permissions

Description: Checks each open file if its read-only permission has been changed


Close  (Ctrl+F4)

Description: Close active file in editor


Close All

Description: Closes all files


Windows Format

Description: Select windows line ending format


Unix Format

Description: Select UNIX line ending format


Mac Format

Description: Select Mac line ending format


Export to Html...

Description: Exports active file to an Html document preserving color syntax


Export to Rtf...

Description: Exports active file to an RTF document preserving color syntax




Help Category



Description: Shows information about OptiPerl


Perl Information  (Shift+Ctrl+I)

Description: Information about installed Perl


Check for Update...

Description: Check if you have the latest version of OptiPerl


Help Index

Description: Show help index


Perl Documentation

Description: Opens perl documentation


Apache Documentation

Description: Opens apache documentation


Search Documentation

Description: Search for word in perl documentation




Plug-Ins Category


Update Plug-Ins

Description: Update menu with new & updated plug-ins




Project Category



Description: New project



Description: Open project



Description: Save project


Save As...

Description: Save project as...



Description: Add current file to project



Description: Remove selected file from project


Add Files to Project...

Description: Add files to project


Import Entire Folder...

Description: Import an entire folder with subfolders into the project


Show Project Manager  (F2)

Description: Show project manager


Search & Replace in Project...

Description: Search  replace in project's files using regular expression


Options...  (Ctrl+F2)

Description: Project options



Description: Publish project



Description: View logs from publishing


Publish All Again

Description: Mark all files to be published again




Query Category


Open Query Editor  (Ctrl+Q)

Description: Show query editor window


Enable GET

Description: Enable GET method


Enable POST

Description: Enable POST method



Description: Enable Pathinfo


Enable Cookie

Description: Enable Cookie


Import from File...

Description: Import query from html document with a form


Import from Web

Description: Import query from open html document


Add Values

Description: Save query


Delete Values

Description: Delete query


Copy from GET

Description: Copy from GET method


Copy from POST

Description: Copy from POST method


Copy from PathInfo

Description: Copy from Pathinfo



Description: Preview environment settings


Select File...

Description: Selects a file to use as input in query


Include External Variables

Description: Check to include external variables from your system when running script




Run Category


Run in Browser  (F9)

Description: Run in internal browser


Run in External Browser  (Ctrl+F9)

Description: Run in external browser


Run in Secondary Browser

Description: Run in secondary browser


Prompt & Run in Console...  (Shift+F9)

Description: Run in console prompting first for parameters


Run in Console  (Shift+Ctrl+F9)

Description: Run in console


Sendmail/Date Support...

Description: Enable sendmail and date support in scripts


Select Starting Path

Description: Select starting path for script


Same Path as Script

Description: Have the starting path same as the script's path


Automatic Syntax Checking

Description: Enables or disables automatic syntax checking


Syntax Checking Only in Script

Description: If enabled, will syntax check script without used modules, BEGIN & CHECK blocks


Syntax Check  (F5)

Description: Test script for syntax errors


Expanded Syntax Check  (Ctrl+F5)

Description: Evaluate required modules and test script for syntax errors




Search Category


Find  (Ctrl+F)

Description: Find text


Find Next  (F3)

Description: Find next occurence without prompting


Find Word Under Cursor  (Alt+F3)

Description: Find word under cursor without prompting


Replace  (Ctrl+R)

Description: Find and replace text


Advanced Search & Replace...  (Ctrl+F3)

Description: Search & replace using a regular expression. All results are logged in the code explorer window.


Previous Match  (Alt+Up)

Description: Positions cursor on previous match found


Next Match  (Alt+Down)

Description: Positions cursor on next match found


Code Explorer

Description: Show code explorer


Export Code Explorer

Description: Export code explorer


Find Subroutine  (Ctrl+B)

Description: Find subroutine in code explorer


Subroutine List...  (Ctrl+D)

Description: Opens the subroutine list window


Go to Line Number...  (Ctrl+G)

Description: Go to a line number


Find Matching Bracket  (Ctrl+\)

Description: Match bracket


Find & Select Matching Bracket  (Shift+Ctrl+\)

Description: Match bracket and select contents in between


Swap Version

Description: Swap version


Find Declaration

Description: Find declaration of the statement


Highlight Identifier

Description: Highlight identifier


Code Completion  (Shift+Ctrl+Space)

Description: Open code completion window


Browse Back  (Alt+Left)

Description: Browse to last position before jump


Clear all Highlights

Description: Clear all highlights




Server Category


Run with Server

Description: Use a http address to load script in browser


View Access Logs

Description: View server access logs


View Error Logs

Description: View server error logs


Internal Server Enabled

Description: Enable/disable internal server


Change Server Root  (Shift+Ctrl+C)

Description: Selects folder to be the root of the internal server




Tools Category


Options...  (Shift+Ctrl+O)

Description: Show options


Customize Color...

Description: Open option dialog and selects the color under the cursor of the editor


Edit Toolbars...

Description: Edit main menu and toolbars


Edit Shortcuts...

Description: Edit shortcuts


File Explorer  (Ctrl+K)

Description: File explorer


Remote Explorer

Description: Remote Explorer


Remote Sessions  (Shift+Ctrl+U)

Description: Setup remote sessions


Code Librarian  (Ctrl+L)

Description: Code Librarian


Open Zip File

Description: Opens a ZIP compressed file using Code Librarian


Pod Extractor  (Ctrl+P)

Description: Pod Extractor


Encoder  (Ctrl+I)

Description: URL Encoder


Perl Printer  (Shift+Ctrl+P)

Description: Perl printer


Regular Expression Tester  (Ctrl+T)

Description: Regular expression tester


Perl Tidy...

Description: Perl tidy


File Compare

Description: Compare files


Auto View

Description: File viewer that updates automatically


Configure User Tools...

Description: Configure user tools




Window Category


Save Layout

Description: Save current layout


Delete Layout

Description: Delete selected layout


Load Edit Layout

Description: Loads the "Edit" layout


Cascade Windows

Description: Cascades windows


Tile Windows

Description: Tile windows


Next Window  (Alt+End)

Description: Select next window




User tools Category

(default user tools)


Explore c:\perl  (Ctrl+Alt+A)


Perl Documentation  (Ctrl+Alt+B)


Pod2Html  (Ctrl+Alt+C)


Start Apache  (Ctrl+Alt+D)


Stop Apache  (Ctrl+Alt+E)


Open Console  (Ctrl+Alt+F)


Indent selected lines with tabs  (Ctrl+Alt+G)


Map local IP to project  (Ctrl+Alt+H)


Unmap local IP to project  (Ctrl+Alt+I)


Open HOSTS file  (Ctrl+Alt+J)


CVS Login  (Ctrl+Alt+K)


CVS Checkout  (Ctrl+Alt+L)


CVS Update  (Ctrl+Alt+M)


CVS Commit  (Ctrl+Alt+N)


CVS Diff  (Ctrl+Alt+O)


CVS Log of file  (Ctrl+Alt+P)


CVS Go to line  (Ctrl+Alt+Q)




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