OptiPerl needs to know the library path for your modules, so it can find them in Code Explorer and to use Code Completion. Here is how to setup this search path:


  • Options Dialog / Perl. Add a search folder in the @INC edit box, or just press the "Guess" button for a standard set of folders.
  • Project Options / @INC. If the files in your project have their own library path, the above may be overridden here.


Overriding the search path is necessary if you have a more complex project that has a main module with a statement like:


use lib ('./Data'   ,





You should add these folders as absolute paths in the search path of the project options. You can also press the "Import Lib" button; this will parse statements like the above from all the files in the project, and automatically create  the search paths.


icon_exclaim OptiPerl's @INC path does not affect Perl's PERL5LIB path when actually running or debugging scripts. It is used only within OptiPerl, for Code Explorer and Code Completion. You cannot use this search path to tell perl where to find modules when running or debugging. To do this, use code like above.


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