Error testing warning level

The warning level when selecting "Test for errors".


Live syntax checking


Highlight errors & warnings in editor

Highlight lines with errors and/or warnings in the editor. Will also show the error text in the status box when the cursor is on the offending line. You can also select the color and the style of the lines drawn.


Show errors in code explorer

Show error lines in the code explorer under the "Errors" node.


Show warnings in code explorer

Show lines with warnings in the code explorer under the "Warnings" node.


Disable on paths

Don't do automatic syntax checking on the paths entered. The paths can include the standard perl libraries which are known to be error-free. If you are editing files over a slow network, or you are not allowed to use a large bandwidth very often, you can also enter here the mapped network drives and UNC paths. Example:


c:\perl\lib; c:\perl\site\lib; Y:\; \\computer1\C\;


Note also that all the subfolders will not be checked either.



Read more about Error Testing.


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