Environment Settings


Allow only one instance of OptiPerl to run

Don't allow a second instance of OptiPerl to be loaded (recommended). This way double clicking a script in explorer will open it in the active OptiPerl session.


Show tips at startup

Show "Tip of the day" when OptiPerl starts.


Show tray bar icon

Enable the tray bar icon, which also has a pop-up menu when clicking the icon. The default menu contains the minimized windows of OptiPerl's desktop. This menu corresponds to the "Tray icon" menu, so you can customize it.


Enable extended keyboard support

Supports keyboards with extended keys like Microsoft (R) Natural or Internet keyboard.


Update registration

Update the license information for OptiPerl.


Reset Message Dialogs

Show again all the dialogs that had a "Don't show again" checkbox.


Recent Lists


Maximum items on recent lists

Maximum items on recent lists. These are the combo edits found in OptiPerl that list recent values, for example in the Find/Replace dialog, Run in Console etc.


Clear Recent lists

Clear recent list of files and folders used within OptiPerl.



Registered File Types



Shows if associations with OptiPerl are OK.


Check automatically when OptiPerl starts

If selected, OptiPerl will check if its file types are associated with it.


Restore associations

Restore all associations that existed before OptiPerl's installation.


Associate again

Associate extensions with OptiPerl.


Code completion


Code completion - HTML code completion

Enable Code Completion features.


Enable hints

Enables hints in the editor when hovering the mouse over a statement. When debugging, the hints can be disabled by deselecting Debug Menu / Auto-Evaluation.


Use editor font for hints

If selected, the font used for hints will be the same as the editor's font.




Enable standard layouts

Enable standard layouts (edit, debug and run). Layout will automatically change when selecting Run and Debug. Uses any layouts found named "Edit", "Debug", and "Run".


Code Librarian


Prompt before saving changes

Whether Code Librarian will prompt to save changes whenever you edit the active snippet. If deselected, changing between snippets will save any edits made without prompting.


Code Explorer


Select here a font type and style for the code explorer window.



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