Editor templates are invoked by pressing CTRL-J in the editor. When pressing the key sequence, a small window is brought up with common routines that are used in perl. Selecting one will insert the text in your editor. Alternatively you can enter the name of the code template in the editor, and press CTRL-J on it. This way the name will be replaced with the code, without showing the window (CTRL-J is the default shortcut).


You can also edit the templates and add your own. Select "Edit Menu / Templates...", to open the corresponding window. Here you can add, edit, sort and delete templates. To add a template, do the following:


1) Press Add Template

2) Go over the text of the newly inserted line "New Template" and press once the mouse button to edit the name of the template

3) Repeat with "Enter Description" to add a description

4) Edit the code in the text editor.

5) Optionally sort the templates, or drag the new template to the position you want.


In the text editor, enter the character "|" to show where you want the cursor positioned when you insert the template.


You can also import templates from a txt file. The templates file is saved in the Application Data Folder as Perl Templates.txt.



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