You can add your own external programs under the tools menu, and associate them with the script you are editing. From this window you can set up these programs.


To add items, use the following fields:

  • Name is the display name in the Tools Menu
  • Program is the external program you want to run
  • Parameters are the command line parameters for the external program.


You can also select an image for each tool from menu "Tool settings".


In the Parameters field, you can add some tags to associate the script you are editing. Right click and select the "Build parameters" item in the popup menu to invoke a parameters dialog.


From the parameters dialog, you can select additionally:


  • A starting path for the program when executed
  • If it's a console script, whether the console window will be left open after it terminates.



Pausing for each page in console output


If you are running in the console and the output is large, you might need to pause on each page. To do this, after pressing "Run in Console", enter in the dialog box:


%PathSN% | more


This way after each page of output you will be prompted to press a key for the next page.



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