Code folding temporarily hides sections of your script enclosed by brackets, parenthesis, Here-Document and POD statements.




While typing, the code folding symbols appear automatically. In the Options Dialog / Code folding you can set what kind of elements should appear with a code folding symbol, and whether sections of your script should be hidden when you first load it in the editor.


The code folding symbols appear in the Code folding Gutter, it's color can be set from the above page in Options.


icon_idea You can select whether the last line of folded blocks will be visible or not, from Options / Code folding, "Fold last line" option. If enabled then the ending line that terminates the block will also be hidden when the block is folded, for example:


+ sub subroutine {


If not enabled, then the line that terminates the block will be visible, for example:


+ sub subroutine {



icon_exclaim Code folding cannot be used at the same time with word wrap.


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