Create backups when saving files

Enables backups. Disabling this option will not create any backups.


Enable zip compression

Allows saving backups in zip archives (see below for implementation)


Filename scheme:

Full path (relative to file or absolute) to file or zip archive that will contain the resulting backups. Note that backup files are always ovewritten in the resulting folder or zip archive without warning.


The path, zip archive (if enabled above) and filename can include the following tags:


%F        Filename (without extension)

%E        Extension

%P         Project filename

%Y        Year (4-digits)

%M        Month (2-digits)

%D        Day  (2-digits)

%H        Hour (2-digits)

%N        Minute (2-digits)

%S        Second (2-digits)

%J        Path where project is saved (without ending path delimiter)

%0        Project Data 0

...               .....

%9        Project Data 9


Filename scheme for files in projects

Just like above, however this scheme is applied when a project is open and the file being edited belongs to it.




Assume you are editing file c:\webs\test\




With this file scheme, each time you save your file, the zip archive will be created or opened in

c:\webs\test and in it will be written files like


2) Backups\%F.%Y-%M-%D.%E


A folder named Backups will be created in c:\webs\test\backups, and files like will be added


3)  ..\Backups\%F.%Y-%M-%D.%E


Like above, but the backups folder will be c:\webs\backups


4) c:\Backups\%F.%Y-%M-%D.%E


Like above, but the backups folder will be c:\backups


5) c:\Archive\Work\%P\\%F.%Y-%M-%D.%E


Assuming we have a project named MyProject, this will create in the folder c:\Archive\Work\MyProject\ the zip file named and write the files like in it.



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