When you create a new tool, it is added in menu Tools / User tools. It can also be found in the customization dialog (menu Tools / Customize toolbars) under the "user tools" category, so you can drag & drop in anyplace in the menu or toolbars.


You can also assign a shortcut to the tool, from menu Tools / Customize shortcuts.


Resetting the main menu


If you reset the main menu from the Customize toolbars dialog, then all the user tools will appear under the "User tools" menu, and deleted from other positions you may have set them to.


Storage file


The tools are saved in file tools.csv in OptiPerl's Application data folder. It is comma separated and each value is quoted, so you can open in any database.


Each line has the following format:


"Tool name","executable","parameters","starting folder","index of graphic (0..109)","leave console open after run (0..1)","Unique ID"


The unique ID can be any unique string with without spaces, and is used to identify the tool in the main menu. If however the string starts with "CVS_" then when resetting the toolbars, the default will be for it to go to the CVS menu.



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