You can fine tune what parts of the videos you've added will be used. If you skip this step then any parts of the entire video will candidate for inclusion in the resulting video clip.


Click the Play button, and use the track bar to move the time near the scenes you want. Afterwards, click the "Set Scene Start/Stop" buttons to select parts of the video to be used.


Additionally you can take snapshots of video frames that will be added as pictures. They are saved in the "Mixaz" folder of "My Pictures" and added automatically with the rest of the pictures (click the "Image Hotspots" panel afterwards to see them).


Scenes selected are saved, so it you exit Mixaz or start a new project, you won't have to start over again.


icon_idea Click ESC while playing for a full screen view. You can also play a scene repeatedly with a loop to it's beginning, by right-clicking on one of the colored bars that represent the scene.





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