Mixaz creates video clips in popular formats like wmv, mpeg and avi. You can also burn a VideoCD or DVD to play on any standalone DVD player.


To render to a Windows Media Video (wmv) file

  • Select "Save clip to my computer using Windows Media Video format".
  • Choose a quality.
  • Choose the output file by clicking the small folder button next to the edit box.
  • Click the "Render" button.


To burn a VideoCD or DVD

  • Select corresponding option.
  • Choose PAL (Europe) or NTSC (USA) standard.
  • Select your recording device.
  • Click "Render & Burn". Make sure you have an empty CD or DVD in the drive.


You can also have Mixaz create and save the raw video file instead of burning it, so you can burn with a third-party software. To do this, check "Save local copy to my computer".


To upload to a video sharing website

  • Select corresponding option.
  • Select "Optimize for Uploading".
  • Render and upload resulting file.


To e-mail as an attachment

  • Select corresponding option.
  • Select low, medium or high quality. This will affect the size of the resulting file.
  • Render and attach resulting file to your e-mail.


icon_idea Rendering a video clip can take a lot of time depending on your computer speed, memory, graphics card and options selected.


For advanced users

You can create an AVI file using any DirectShow codecs installed on your computer, or choose from other common formats. Click the button "Configure advanced settings" for more options.



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