To create a video clip in Mixaz, the following steps are needed:


1) Music Selection


Select a music track. You can choose any mp3 or rip a track from an audio CD.


2) Media Selection


Here you choose the pictures and videos that will be used in the resulting video clip.


3) Image Hotspots


If you have added pictures, you can optionally tell MIxaz which parts are "important" in each picture. For example where exactly a face is.


4) Video Scenes


If you have added videos, you can select what parts of the videos will be included. This step is also optional; skipping it will enable using the entire video.


5) Layouts and Preview


Choose the layout of the video clips, and click the Preview to see how the video will look!


6) Rendering


After choosing the music, the media and the layout, you can have Mixaz render the video to a file or burn to a DVD.


icon_idea All the settings you choose from the above steps can optionally be saved into a project and loaded again. Use the "File Actions" menu for standard open and save commands.


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