Choose the style of your video clip. See the description of each layout for more information.


Before rendering your video, you can get an idea of the output by clicking the "Preview" button.


Mixaz uses advanced 3D graphics and requires huge resources to create stunning video clips. The preview requires a very fast computer and graphics card to look OK, but you'll get the idea!


From the File Actions Menu / Program Options dialog there are some options that affect the preview window:


  • Width: The preview window width. This only affects preview and you can lower if the playback while previewing is very sluggish.
  • Aspect Ratio: Modify this to get a better idea of how the video clip will look on different devices.


icon_idea Important: If you have added videos, the preview window will show them with very low quality, and might also duplicate them on may objects. This happens because videos take huge resources to show correctly. This will not affect the rendered video! Only the preview window will have lower quality.





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