Hotspots show where important parts of your pictures are. You can skip this step if you want to, but telling Mixaz where the "hotspots" of your pictures are really helps make a more fun and realistic video clip.


In a picture showing people for example, hotspots show where exactly the face is or the body. Or if you are showing off your new car, Mixaz will know where exactly to zoom in.


To create a hotspot, position the mouse on the top left corner of the main subject in the picture, hold down the left button of the mouse, drag and release the button on the bottom right corner.


You can also select a second subject by using the right mouse button. To delete the first or second hotspot, left click or right click once on the picture.


Hotspots are saved for each picture, so you don't have to mark again even if you exit Mixaz and want to create another video clip or start a new project.


icon_idea For quickly navigating between pictures and while marking with the mouse, use the Left - Right arrows on the keyboard to move to the previous or next picture, or Home - End keys to move the the first or last picture.





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