With collage generation you can create collages to be used for printing, blogs, social network profiles and any other artistic/creative use.




Because CoolCollage creates collages randomly, you can have the program create a large number of collages in a specific folder, and then simply choose the best one for your needs.


Collages are created with the filename Collage-xxx.png


For the width and height you can choose any aspect ratio you want. As a guide, here are some common formats when printing at 300 DPI.


Letter Size

2550 x 3300 pixels


2480 X 3508 pixels


3508 X 4961 pixels


1748 X 2480 pixels

6 x 4'' Photo

1800 x 1200 pixels

5 x 3'' Photo

1500 x 900 pixels



icon_idea For some examples of high-resolution collages, see here.



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