From the "Wallpaper Settings" tab you can choose options that affect when the desktop wallpaper changes.


Change on computer startup

Changes the wallpaper every time the computer starts up.


Once/per day

Enabled if the previous option is selected. Will change the wallpaper only once per day (if the computer is rebooted many times per day).


Change every X minutes

Will change the wallpaper automatically every set amount of minutes. Note that CoolCollage does not need to be running for the updating to work, as windows task scheduler is used.


Run every day

Will update the wallpaper at a fixed time every day. This is useful if your computer is on all the time.





icon_arrow Note that for the "Change wallpaper every X minutes" and "Run every xx:xx" functions to work, the Windows Task Scheduler must be enabled. CoolCollage itself does does not run the background (this would use up memory without any reason) and only runs instantly to update the wallpaper.


icon_idea For additional options that affect collage creation, see here.


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