The collage options panel is shown on the Desktop, Screen saver, and Collage Generation panels, and affect how the collage is generated.


icon_idea After changing values, click the "Preview" button for a quick rendering, to get the idea of the final image.




Create wallpaper with complexity

Select a minimum and maximum value of a range that defines how many pictures will be used in the final collage. A collage can be created using only two pictures but can also have hundreds of pictures. The default values of 4 and 6 will create collages of about 10-12 pictures. Entering 0 as values will disable the collage completely (only a single picture will be shown).



This will darken or lighten the resulting collage, which might be useful for desktop backgrounds. Increasing both values will decrease contrast.


Size random factor percent

Smaller values result in each picture in the collage having the same size. Higher values increase the differences between the sizes of each picture.


Overlap Range

Defines a range of possible values that control how much each picture will overlap with another. Moving the knobs to the left will create pictures with borders, while moving to the right will make each picture overlap a lot.


Random Sequence

If unselected then all pictures are added in the collage sequentially, one after another from the same folder. If selected, the pictures will be shuffled.


Use special effects

Will add a random special effect on the resulting collage, like sepia, blur, and other.


icon_idea CoolCollage supports the orientation attribute of EXIF data in images, so you don't have to worry about rotating the pictures for correct orientation in the collages.


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