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Welcome to CoolCollage!


With CoolCollage you can create impressive compositions of your photos. Collages are generated automatically using custom parameters and can contain just a few photos up to hundreds. The end result is a big picture with all your personal photos mixed up seamlessly in a visually stunning way!


CoolCollage creates collages automatically, and can be used:


  • As Window's desktop wallpaper. You can set CoolCollage to create a new collage every specified amount of minutes.
  • As a screen saver. Amazing collages of your images can be shown as a screen saver.
  • For any creative/graphic art purposes. You can have CoolCollage generate any amount of collages in any dimension. Afterwards you can pick your favorite to use for albums, calendars, reprints, blogs, social networks etc.


icon_idea To read more and get the most out of CoolCollage, please browse this help file using the navigation buttons.


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