Temporary folder setting

If you are running out of space on your computer hard disk, read this!

Backup Chunker uses temporary files for some tasks like compressing or extracting archives, when downloading etc.

These files are saved by default in the user temporary folder. If you have been running out of space, and just bought a new hard disk (for example drive d:), then you might need to change the temporary folder.

Create a folder like d:temp, and from Backup Chunkers' File / Program options dialog select the new folder as "temporary folder".

Note that you can use the same folder in other programs also that allow you to set-up the path.

07.10.2006. 13:02

jean-claude on 13.05.2007. 11:55

Is there possibility to Backup all to later restore from
a CD/DVD Rom?

> Yes, BC supports this, select the location as "Burn CD/DVD"

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