Simple backup of files to archives

For beginners that would like to backup a folder full of files to a few compressed archives (chunks), here is a starting point.

This simple project needs two locations:

1) A location that is the source (the computer itself and the folder you want)

2) The target location, which in this case is the compressed files in a single folder.

You can create this project very simply using the New Project wizard. In the first page select the folder you want to back-up. In the second page, select the folder where you want to store the compressed archives, and make sure you select "Backup to zip archives". Continue reading the wizard until you click finish.

You are all set! No changes need to be done from the "Locations Setup" page or the "Folders selection" page.

But for the curious, please do take a look at how the wizard did setup the two pages. About the two locations, see above points 1 & 2. And in the "Folder Selection" page notice the following:

- My Documents
........My Computer -> c:\documents and settings\harry
........Target -> c:\zips

The above mean that the "My Documents" folder, is found:

* in the "My Computer" location under the specified folder
* In the "Target" location in chunks (notice the green background) that are stored in the specified folder.

If you go to the "Locations Setup" page, notice that in the "Target" location, the "Use compressed archives" is set. If you want, change additional settings here, like the format or default size.

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