Scheduled Backups

You can create scheduled backups that execute automatically at specified times. To do this you will need to add a task into the windows Task Scheduler (found in Administrative Tools) that launches Backup Chunker at the times you specify.

You will also need to enter as parameters of the command line the project and direction you require. For more information, see here:

12.12.2007. 05:25

Luis Garcia on 17.11.2008. 07:22

Here's the deal: please get Backup Chunker Free to have the automated CD-R/CD-RW recording backup feature and keep the Blue-Ray/DVD-R/DVD-RW/DVD+R/DVD+RW/DVD-R DL recording backup feature only for the paid version! This, way, your company would not be harmed in terms of money income by the free version (tipically, if user wants DVD or Blue-Ray recording, he/she would have to pay for it; otherwise, he/she only gets CD recording - few people still use CD's to backup unless to backup personal files). On the the short term, this new improvement to Backup Chunker would be most benefitial to either Backup Chunker itself (more friendly public visibility) and true personal users. CD's are OK to backup personal files but weak when compared to DVD or Blue-Ray recording, which, tipically, is essential to either power users and companies alike - and thus, the paid version with DVD and Blue-Ray recording for them. Let's make Backup Chunker even better! Thank you Harry.

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