You can specify settings for a variety of features in Backup Chunker, from the Program Options dialog box.


Auto-resize filename columns in tree views

When selected, the filename column in the File List and Action Log will automatically be resized, so all columns will fit in the window.


Automatically check for updates every week

Check every week for availability of new Backup Chunker versions. If found, you will be prompted to download and install automatically. You can also check manually by selecting "Check for Updates..." in the Help menu.



Select a language for all menus and dialogs of Backup Chunker.


Move deleted local files to Recycle Bin

Selecting this option will move all files that are deleted to the recycle bin. If not selected, then deleted files cannot be recovered.


Temporary Folder

A temporary folder used internally by Backup Chunker. Defaults to the windows temporary folder, however you can change if you have another disk partition that has more free space or is faster.


Secure deletion of temporary files after use

Delete temporary files using a secure deletion method. Please select this options if you are handling files that need security.


Copy NTFS Encryption attribute

Used when synchronizing files in local directories (does not affect compressed chunks). Normally the encryption attribute is copied to the target file. Uncheck this option to disable and allow the file to be copied to the target drive without encryption.


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