Backup Chunker can save and synchronize between any combination of locations like:



My Documents folder on local computer


Any local or network folder


Burn CD/DVD media, with multiple sessions if needed (to emulate deleting/replacing files)


Removable mp3 players or USB disks


FTP and Secure FTP servers


WebDAV servers (like most on-line backup services support)


For each of the above, your files can simply be copied following the original directory structure or utilize Backup Chunker's unique feature, saving to chunks (small to medium sized compressed zip archives).



To create a new backup task this is what you need to do:


1) Create a new project


In Backup Chunker, each of your backup tasks are saved as projects. A project is a file that saves information about the folders you want to backup and the locations that those folders will be saved/backed up. It might also save information like usernames, password so you don't have to type in information like this every time you synchronize.


If you are synchronizing between more than one computer, usually this file will be copied onto each computer.


To create a new project, select "New" from the file menu, or select the "New project wizard".


2) Select locations


Each project will have at a minimum two locations: The first will be the computer itself; the second will be the target container of your backup. You can also add more locations. Before each synchronization, you will select the locations to synchronize between from the page "Locations Selection". In the screenshot below we have 8 locations!





3) Select folders


Next you can select folders you are interested in backing up. This might include your "Documents" folder, your "Music" folder, or anything else. You can select all this from the "Folders Selection" page. You might also need to specify for each location, where exactly the folder is found. Below we have added the folder "My Documents" and told Backup Chunker where exactly the folder is on each location.





4) Do the synchronization


In most cases you will want to preview all the changes that will be done to your files. This can be done from the "File List" page, after clicking the Direction of the synchronization.




The preview looks like this:




When we have confirmed all changed, we click the "Execute" button.


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