Backup chunker uses the term "location" as any source of files. This can include any of the below:


  • Any folder on your local computer with files (like the "My Documents" folder).
  • Any shared folder in a network.
  • A writeable CD/DVD disk.
  • Removable mp3 players or USB disks. When plugged in these are assigned drive letters like d:, e: etc.
  • FTP and Secure FTP servers
  • WebDAV servers (like most on-line backup services support)


Locations are set-up in the "Setup Locations" page.


For each location, you can also select whether files will be compressed using chunks. To enable saving to chunks, select the option "Use compressed archives to store files".


Note that setting a location to use chunks, does not mean that you can only backup new files to that location. Instead just like any other location you can read, write and delete files!


This means that you can for example save chunks to a USB flash disk or a remote backup service on the internet, and then from there synchronize a second computer. Afterwards, you can synchronize from the second computer back to the USB disk or internet (Backup Chunker will compress again only what's needed)


For each of the above, your files can simply be copied following the original directory structure or utilize Backup Chunker's unique feature, saving to chunks (small to medium sized compressed zip archives).




After setting up all the possible locations, it's time to add the folders that you are interested in backing up. This is done in the "Folders Selection" page. Try dragging & dropping a folder here from explorer; In the screen shot below we have added just one folder the "My Documents".




Notice how under the folder, all locations are automatically shown, and display the path where exactly the "My Documents" folder is found.




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