Add here folders that will be included in the backup.




You can drag & drop folders here from any explorer window. You can also drag & drop files and folders into the nodes "Include", "Exclude" "Files" or "Folders". Add or remove items using the Ins and Del keys.


Each folder (items with the light gray color) will have a list of all the locations, and each location will show the path where the folder is contained.



icon_arrow Options for advanced users


You can fine tune included or excluded files and folders, either from the "Default Settings" branch, or per folder from the "Override Settings" branch if it's enabled. The meaning for each item is the following:




Recursive: Will search sub folders of the selected folder.


Include & Exclude files: Add here filenames or wildcards for inclusion or exclusion from the backup. Note that in the "Include" section you must add at least one item (usually *.*) or else no files will be added!


Include & Exclude folders: Add here filenames or wildcards for inclusion or exclusion from the backup. In the "Include" section at least one item must exist (usually *) or else no folders will be searched into.


Include read-only files, hidden & system files: Include/exclude corresponding files.


Pressing the "Default" button reverts to the default settings.


icon_idea You can also change the level of each folder, by right clicking on the folder and selecting a corresponding path. After doing so, make sure you check the path of each location, as the paths might need modification. The pop-up menu looks like this:




Note that this is for more advanced users, and in most cases you will not need this feature.


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