File List page shows a comprehensive view of all the files within the folders of the locations, and the actions needed to be taken to synchronize between them.


The tree-like view is populated with items when you click the "Forward" or "Backward" button, or the "Reload Source" and "Reload Target". Note that these only create a preview; no actions are actually taken until you click "Execute".


Before executing, you can fine-tune actions (copy, delete or ignore) by right clicking a file or a folder. You can also make selections and right click (just like in Windows Explorer).


The columns "Date A", "Size A", and "Chunk A" refer to the source location, while the "B" columns to the destination location. You can view all the folders, files and corresponding actions 8 ways:


  • Tree View: Hierarchical, explorer style view of items.
  • Folder View: Non-hierarchical list of all the folders and files of backup.
  • File View: Plain list of all files in backup.
  • Chunk View A/B: List of all chunks in source or location (if applicable) and files archived in each.


For each view, the 'Actions' button can be toggled on/off. If enabled, the items in the view are grouped based on the action that will be done for each item. You can also sort the items by clicking on the column titles.


Below is a screenshot with the "Actions" button enabled, and the "Tree View" selected.





Below the same files, but the "Folders View" has been clicked:





Again the same view, but as the "Chunk View B". Note that the files are organized based on the proposed chunk they will be compressed into.




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