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Backup Chunker is a backup / synchronization program with unique features: multiple synchronization and versatile compression.


The program is designed for both novice and advanced users, and has the following features:


  • Easy to setup backup tasks.
  • Can copy files between many types of storage: Hard disks, USB drives, MP3 players, internet backup services (using WebDAV), secure FTP servers and more.
  • Can also burn CD/DVD media.
  • Has the ability either to synchronize files, or synchronize with "chunks" which are small to medium sized compressed and/or encrypted zip archives.
  • Can handle many different scenarios, like synchronizing files between many computers and storage devices. For example you can sync your home computer with a USB stick (using compression and encryption), and then your USB stick to your work computer. This way you can keep your computers synchronized and also have a compressed & encrypted backup copy on your key chain!
  • Archive format used is the common zip or 7-zip that can be extracted if required with any simple file compression utility.
  • Industrial strength encryption (AES-256) that has no back doors.
  • Extremely fast synchronization of thousands of files, even to locations on a network or the internet.



Backup Chunker can help with all day-to-day backup scenarios, for simple or demanding tasks. Our solution is especially good if you have thousand of files that need to be saved for backup purposes or frequently synchronized with other computers and back. In most cases during day-to-day work, a few of these files will be modified, few will be added and most will stay unaltered.



Help & Support


You can browse the help using the arrow navigation buttons. We recommend reading the "Introduction" and "Using" sections. You can start with the next page that has cool ideas on how to use Backup Chunker.


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