Version 2.2 (Feb 2008)

  • Added option to disable copying NTFS encryption attribute.
  • Added ability to create a log file from the command line parameters.
  • Minor bug fixes.



Version 2.1 (Jul 2007)

  • Added preview / execute of backups using command line parameters.
  • Minor bug fixes.



Version 2.0 (Apr 2007)

  • Added CD/DVD burning ability. Now you can synchronize to CD and DVD media. Also though multiple sessions, files can be added or deleted when necessary even from Write-Once CDs and DVDs.
  • Complete wide string filename support.
  • Many improvements on WebDAV transactions.
  • Better support for Windows Vista.
  • Minor bug fixes.



Version 1.1 (Oct 2006)

  • Added encryption to the index file that is saved in the same folder as the chunks (the chunk.lst file). The encryption used is AES.
  • Minor bug fixes.



Version 1.0 (Sep 2006)

  • First release.



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