Backup Chunker can be controlled from the command line. The following parameters are accepted:


BackupChunker.exe [Project.bcu] [/source "SourceName"] [/target "TargetName"] [/forward|/backward] [/execute] [/log "LogFile"]


/source "SourceName": Selects the source location.


/target "TargetName": Selects the target location.


/forward or /backward: Executes the preview with a forward or backward direction.


/execute: If all the above parameters are correct and the preview is successful, the backup will be executed and the application will terminate.


/log: Create or append a text file with detailed activity information.


/? or /help: Shows a quick reference message box for the command line parameters.



BackupChunker "c:\backup.bcu" /source "Hard Disk" /target "Webdav Folder" /forward /execute


Adding the /forward or /backward parameter above will run the preview.


Adding the /execute parameter after the preview will execute the backup and exit the program.



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