Chunks created with Backup Chunker are in the common zip and 7-zip formats. In most cases you will want to restore using Backup Chunker, since it can restore to any target computer making just the necessary changes, plus restore directly to FTP and WebDAV servers, or to other folders with chunks.


In some cases however you might want to restore your entire backup using a third-party file compressor. Most compression utilities have the option to extract many selected archives to a single folder all at once.


Shown below is an example using the 7-zip File Manager, which is a free and open-source file archiver for Windows. You can download it here:



1) Select all the compressed files of the chunk folder, right click and select: Extract Files.





2) In the next box, enter a folder to extract all the files to. If the chunks are encrypted, make sure you enter the correct password.




7-Zip is Copyright (C) 2006 Igor Pavlov.


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