Backup Chunker has a simple user interface. All tasks are executed within pages that are selected by clicking the items in the left bar.

Location Setup Page

Location Setup Page.

Backup chunker uses the term "location" as any source of files. This can include any of the below:

  • Any folder on your local computer with files (like the "My Documents" folder).
  • Any shared folder in a network.
  • Removable mp3 players or USB disks.
  • WebDAV servers (like most on-line backup services support)


Folders Seleciton Page

Folders Seleciton Page.

This is the page from where you can select the folders that you are interested in backing up. For advanced users, many options exist to fine tune settings for each folder.


File List Preview Page

File List Preview Page.

This page will show you a preview of all the actions that will be done after clicking "Execute". You can fine tune actions here if needed.


New Project Wizard

New Project Wizard.

Backup Chunker features a wizard to create a new project. Shown above a screenshot of the wizard, with Backup Chunker running in Windows Vista.

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